‘Office of profit’ case: Common sense was needed not interpretation of law, says AAP

Avatar Written by January 19, 2018 15:25

In the office of profit matter, rather than using common sense the Election Commission of India has decided to interpret the law according to Dr Prithvi Reddy, senior leader of the Aam Admi Party.

He told newsroompost.com that if there is no monetary benefit, then how does office of profit arise? It is a matter of interpretation of law. Rather than using basic common sense, the ECI has decided to interpret the law, he further added.

There is a very clear bias in this case and the point we are making is that it cannot be applicable here. In my opinion, it was a case that ought not to have been admitted in the first place. The ECI would have normally said that secretaries are paid and hence it amounts to office of profit. There is a clear bias here and I am sure that the courts will strike down the order of the ECI.

Reddy also took a jibe at Modi and said that rather than fighting us electorally, he is using constitutional institutions to battle against us. It is clear in this case that not a single rupees was made or paid. When this being the case, how could a case of office of profit arise, Reddy also asked.