Burari case: Post-mortem confirms hanging as cause of death, mystery still unsolved

New Delhi: Even 10 days after the mass hangings in Burari, the mystery of Delhi’s ‘house of horror’ remains unsolved as the cops are still clueless about their line of probe.

In the latest development, the post-mortem report of Burari family members has confirmed that 10 out of 11 deaths happened due to hanging and no trace of poison was found in their bodies.

Post-mortem confirms hanging as cause of deathEven as the panel of doctors confirmed that ten of the eleven Bhatia family members hanged themselves and committed suicide, there is ambiguity surrounding the death of the family’s senior most matriarch, Narayani Devi.

On Tuesday, a team of doctors revisited the crime spot to gather more evidence to ascertain the real cause of death. The doctors’ team will give their final opinion in a few days.

Post-mortem confirms hanging as cause of death

These 10 people were found hanging from the iron grille inside their house in Burari on July 1 under mysterious circumstances.

Lalit led family to ‘death for salvation’?

Earlier, based on the notes recovered from Buruari house, an official close to the investigation had claimed that only Lalit was aware that the entire family was going to die.

Post-mortem confirms hanging as cause of death Lalit was “following his dead father’s instructions” and the family members were practicing them for last 10 years, reports said.

Lalit Bhatia, the second eldest son of Narayani Devi, is thought to have influenced the family members into believing in occult practises and might have been led the others in the horrific ‘mass suicide’.

Post-mortem confirms hanging as cause of death

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