Rohingya terror suspect reveals al-Qaeda’s massive India plan

New Delhi: The merger of Bengal and Bangladesh with the help of the Rohingya Muslims is what the Al-Qaeda had in mind. The idea was to rake up the Rohingya issue in India and Bangladesh and mobilise a large number of people and spread havoc.

The National Investigation Agency which filed a charge sheet against Samiun Rahman, the 28 year British Rohingya terror suspect has detailed his journey into India and how with the help of the Al-Qaeda, he planned to carry out a major operation involving both India and Bangladesh.

NIA raids Srinagar jail

Rahman was first arrested in the UK for a traffic violation. It was in jail that he was radicalised. He was briefed that he needed to do more for the religion and was also asked to get in touch with some people once he was out.

His first point of contact was Abu Akther, an Al-Qaeda operative from Bangladesh. It was on his insistence that Rahman travelled to Bangladesh. His first job was to identify youth who could be radicalised. He got in touch with one Asif Adnan, the son of a retired high court judge and radicalised him.

To spread the ideology, he used a Facebook page that he created. Under the garb of raising funds for displaced Muslims, he would share jihadi literature in a bid to draw people towards his cause.

After spending a couple of months in Bangladesh, he was instructed to go to India. The NIA which has scanned over 500 messages says that it was here that he discussed the entire modus operandi with Abu. He was told that there has been a huge influx of Rohingyas into India and he should start tapping them.

Once he crossed over into India, he left for Delhi. Out here he went by the alias Raju and under this name, he stayed in the National Capital for nearly two months. He would often contact the Rohingyas through their illegal agents. The message he would drive into them is that India’s support to Bangladesh has made it a secular country. As long as Bangladesh and India remain secular there is no place for the Muslims and the Rohingyas in particular.

During one of the conversations, he was also told that he should use the Rohingyas and provoke the people in Bengal. Unless Bengal and Bangladesh are merged, we should not sit in peace, he also said.

He further spoke about an army of Rohingyas that would need to be built. For this, he said that the refugees from both India and Bangladesh must be roped in. There is no point in sitting quietly and voices would be heard only if arms are raised, he said.

In the second part of the plot, he was to raise funds. The Al-Qaeda had decided to send in the funds so that he could rope in more Rohingyas, the NIA said. He would be in constant touch with the Rohingya camps and try and brainwash the people there. Rahman would tell the agents to get him in touch with as many Rohingyas as possible and assured that they would be paid a good sum of money.

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