Shocking! Siddaramaiah govt splurged Rs 6 cr on K’taka Assembly event

Written by March 7, 2018 12:00

New Delhi: In what comes as a shocking revelation, Siddaramaiah-led Congress government had spent around Rs 6 crore on the diamond jubilee celebration of the Vidhan Soudha, is the seat of the state legislature of Karnataka last year.

Shockingly, this happened at a time when the people of Karnataka suffered the worst drought in 42 years.

According to the documents accesses by the Newsroompost, the Siddaramaiah government spent Rs 30 lakh on flowers, Rs 2 crore on a movie on Vidhan Soudha and Rs 40 lakh on animation movie of 10 minutes duration.

It also hosted lavish lunch for VVIPs, VIPs and government employees. As per documents, the lunch for VVIPs costed around Rs 1700 per person, for VIPs it costed Rs 1300 and for the government employees who were invited to the function costed Rs 819 per person.

Furthermore, Rs 1 crore was spent just to publicise the event in the media.

Here are the documents:

The Karnataka Legislative Assembly election is scheduled to be held in April-May this year to elect members of the 224 constituencies in Karnataka.