I-T dept conducts raids at premises of Sasikala’s kin for 2nd day

Written by November 10, 2017 15:44

Chennai: Approximately 1500 officials have been conducting raids in the residences and offices of the family members and relatives of Sasikala, the confidante of late Chief Minister Jayalalithaa.

More than a hundred places have still been searched for evidences on shell companies, tax evasion and benami transactions linked to more members of Sasikala’s kith and kin.

In the operation clean money, bank lockers of close associates to the family are being scrutinized, acting on specific information and monitoring.

For the officials of the IT department, this might have been one of a large surgical strike against the entire household and wellwishers of Sasikala, the close confidante of late Chief Minister.

After Jayalalithaa’s death, Sasikala, who was out from the shadows and was about to bask in the limelight of political world is now languishing in jail, her family and well wishers who had enjoyed being in the shadows have become prone to continued raids and investigations.

The ruling AIADMK Government has distanced itself from the family which held the reigns of the Party till now even as the symbol in itself is in contention.