Why Karti Chidambaram is the most spoilt accused, CBI has ever dealt with

New Delhi: It is almost 10 days since Karti Chidambaram has been in CBI custody. But, for the CBI he is turning out to be one of the most difficult prisoners, the agency has seen in a long time.

CBI sources say that he has a one line answer for every question.

narco test on Karti Chidambaram“I am a victim of political vendetta.” He is brash, arrogant and non-cooperative and this is the primary reason, why we keep asking for an extension of his remand, the officer also said.

So far all the progress that we have made in the case is based on search, seizure, circumstantial evidence and the disclosures made by his co-accused.

Karti Chidambaram CBI custodyKarti does not answer simple questions. Recently, when we asked him for his cell phone password, he asked us to go to help. The attitude is not helping, but we are confident of building up water-tight case, the officer also said.

Karti is taken in for questioning several times during the day. All we ask him is to verify the facts that we have placed before him. Most of the time, he is quiet, speaks back or just tells us that he does not feel like talking the officer also noted.

Meanwhile, the CBI made some fresh breakthroughs in the case when it found that Karti’s and his family’s air tickets and mobile bills were paid by Advantage Strategic Consulting Private Limited. The CBI alleges that this company had been the go-in-between for alleged bribes. This company was in direct control of Karti, both the CBI and the Enforcement Directorate have alleged.

Karti most spoilt accused: CBIThe CBI has also seized four hard disks which have now been sent for analysis. The next course of action would be send letters rogatory to several countries such as Greece, Spain, UK and Mauritius to understand the money trail between Advantage and other companies.

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