Juices that are good to treat constipation


New Delhi: Constipation is a common bowel movement ailment that can affect your life to a great extent. Hectic work schedules and bad food habits can often be the underlying problem behind constipation.

Lack of hydration and inadequate fibre supply is usually the cause behind it. Consuming fresh juice is one of the best ways to fight constipation and maintain healthy bowel movement:

Orange juice
Drinking orange juice improves the peristaltic movement that promotes more contraction in the colon muscles. Smooth movement of these muscles ensures better bowel habits. Drink two glasses of orange juice a day if you are suffering from constipation. Fresh juice is recommended as it contains high fibre content that is good for your digestion.

Prune juice
Prunes are known to be natural laxatives. The fruit contains high amounts of dietary fibre and a compound called sorbitol that softens dehydrated stools. Sorbitol absorbs a lot of water from the intestine helping you release your excreta more effectively. Make sure to limit your dosage as too much sorbitol can cause loose motions.

Wheatgrass juice
Wheatgrass is considered a universal solution to digestive problems. It not only contains high dietary fibre but also restores the alkalinity in blood. It works wonders for people who are suffering from constipation or diarrhoea.

Pineapple juice
This delicious and juicy fruit is a great constipation cure. It contains high dietary fibre and water that regulates the fluid content in your stool for a better bowel movement. It also reduces gastric juices in your body and reduces bloating after a heavy meal. Pineapple juice should be given to kids who suffer from worms and indigestion.

Incorporate these juices into your diet to get rid of constipation and have a normal bowel movement.