Avoid these smokey eye makeup mistakes

Eyes are undoubtedly the most striking facial features and every woman wants to have the most intense and dramatic ones. However, getting the perfect smokey look can be a daunting task. If done perfectly, it can make you look ravishing, but a slip-up can result in just the opposite.

So this weekend, welcome your guests with those beautiful smokey eyes done in just the right manner.

Here is what you need not to do when trying this party look:

Eyeliner overload

Excess eyeliner over smokey eye makeup will make you look unflattering and unpolished. Keep a check on the amount of eyeliner you put. Liquid eyeliner can be your safest bet in this case. While applying, do not bring the eyeliner above your upper lash line.

Applying eyeliner and mascara before eye shadow

The order of the products used makes a huge difference to the end result. Start your eye makeup with a primer and then use a small amount of eye shadow. Follow it with a liner and mascara. Applying eyeliner and mascara prior to your eye shadows is a strict no.

Blending is a must

If you apply makeup and leave it unblended, it will not look good at all. Blending is essential when it comes to smokey eye makeup. If you do not want to see any lines or harsh edges post makeup, use a good eye shadow blending brush.

Now avoid these mistakes and earn some compliments for your perfect smokey eyes.

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