Avoiding skin reactions from your cosmetic products

The instant culprits for our worn out skin are considered to be the pollution and other external agents. But what if those ugly patches are a result of your own actions?

Most times we fail to realize how certain beauty products impact our sensitive skins. In a rage of following the ongoing trends we try out everything; often ruining our skin.

This is why you should keep these below mentioned things in mind. Read on:

Go for patch tests

Before trying out that new product, see what suits your skin type. It is important to go for a patch test. Try the new cosmetic product near your elbow or behind your ear in small quantity. Let it stay there for 24-48 hours and if you witness any swelling, rash or burning sensation, avoid the product for any further use.

Keep your makeup tools clean

Make it a point to regularly swipe your makeup tools with an alcohol pad. Many times, the tip of your eyeliner, Kohl, and mascara has a buildup which causes itching in your eyes. Therefore, ensure you clean all the brushes with proper cleaning wipes.

Go easy with the eye makeup

Just because that smokey look works for your bestie, doesn’t necessarily mean you follow the same even after your eyes turn watery after the application. Instead avoid putting kohl below the eyes; instead, go for a light layer above the upper lid.

So save your beautiful skin by following these easy tips.

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