How to increase your leptin levels

The most effective way to increase the leptin levels in the body is through consumption of certain food items. These foods not only elevate the leptin sensitivity but also stimulate better metabolic activity. Below mentioned are some foods that should be consumed by people who have leptin deficiency. Read on:


Protein is one of the best food that can increase the leptin level. Foods rich in protein increase the leptin sensitivity to a considerable level and energize the body.

Fatty fish

Fatty fish is loaded with essential vitamins and also contains omega-3 fatty acids. Its regular consumption increases the body’s sensitivity to leptin and also helps to keep the weight in check. Fatty fish also helps in regulating the cholesterol level and keeps the heart healthy.


The best way boost the leptin level is to consume foods rich in zinc. It has been observed that people with leptin deficiency also suffer from zinc deficiency. Intake of foods rich in zinc such as nuts, seafood, and pumpkin helps to combat it.

Leafy greens

Maximum leafy greens contain all the essential nutrients and minerals that are beneficial for the body. Vegetables like broccoli, spinach are rich in fiber and boost the leptin sensitivity to a considerable level. Fibre increases the leptin levels and also keeps the cholesterol in check.

In addition, you should avoid processed carbs and pre-packaged meals as they affect the leptin level and decrease it. So, begin consuming these foods and keep yourself fit.

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