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Meet Dr. Hari Om, Singer & IAS who is set to publish his new ghazal from Moxx Music

Written by October 8, 2018 14:56

Dr Hari Om, an IAS with a difference, who is popular for his sincerity, honesty, dutifulness throughout the nation and now more popular for his ghazal singing and wrings, must have never imagined that this ‘sher’ written by him almost a tenner ago, would become so popular in future.

Dr. Hari Om
Dr. Hari Om


This ‘sher’ is told frequently these days not only on the top stages of Hindi-Urdu poetry but also adorn the status of countless users on social media. The ‘sher’ is so meaningful that it relates not only with the lovers but also relevant in daily life battle of the common people.

When Hari Om sang this ghazal penned by himself few years back it became an instantaneous hit and reached lacks of listeners travelling from heart to heart, lip to lip. Sikandar has become Hari Om’s identity since its publish. Now wherever this Singer, Shayar, Storyteller bureaucrat goes his listeners won’t let him go without listening this ghazal from him. The composition of this ghazal was set by the living legend of ghazal singing Ustaad Ahmed-Mohd Husain, who also happen to be Hari Om’s master in ghazal singing. Husain brothers also often sing this ghazal while performing live in their concerts.

Now on popular demand from the audience and ghazal lovers Hari Om has come up with this entirely new version of Sikandar as ‘Phir Sikandar’. He himself has composed this ghazal this time in Raag Jogkauns. Earlier the ghazal was made in Raag Bhopali.

The music arrangement is beautifully done by Mr Pravin D Rao, the music maestro from Bangalore. This ghazal consists many new shers also. The music is so arranged that Kathak Dance can be choreographed on it. Hari Om commented that he is currently working on a ghazal-kathak project to intertwine the two basic aspects of Awadhi culture i.e. ghazal singing and kathak. He will soon be releasing this project in future.

This project will include ghazals written, composed and sung by Hari Om on which classical Kathak could be choreographed on the stage. Hari Om is very happy about the release of his new version of Sikandar. He is hopeful that the audience will like this version also.

The Moxx Music Company which celebrates a long association with Hari Om as a singer is releasing this Ghazal. Hari Om has sung many popular songs for Moxx such as Yaara Ve, Majbooriyan,Socha Na Tha and Mora Piya Ke Bina. Just like Hari Om the Chairman of Moxx Music who himself is a fabulous composer, Raj Mahajan is also very happy about this release.

For the first time Moxx is releasing Dr Hari Om’s ghazal. We wish great luck to both Hari Om and Raj Mahajan.

This ghazal is good for music accompaniment for Kathak Performances, said Raj Mahajan.