Number of smokers in England drops to all-time low

Written by July 3, 2017 16:24

New Delhi: The number of smokers in England has dropped to its lowest level, with just one in six adults now lighting up cigarettes.


The result comes a decade after cigarettes were banished from Britain’s pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants, smoking rates in the country, shows the new research.

“We’re thrilled that 10 years on, the smoking ban has been such an enormous success,” Sir Harpal Kumar, Cancer Research UK’s Chief Executive Officer, said in a statement.

The drop in smokers means there are now around 8,300,000 adult smokers in Britain, Cancer Research UK said in a statement on Saturday.

Laws banning smoking in virtually all enclosed public places in England – including offices, warehouses, factories, pubs, restaurants, railway stations, working vehicles and leisure centres – came into effect on July 1 2007, following Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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