Safe Kids Foundation launches its Road Safety activity book at the event

Written by Newsroom Staff January 9, 2019 17:54

Mumbai: The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Govt. of India has announced the observance of 30th Road Safety Week Campaign form 4th to 10th February 2019. The theme for this year campaign is Sadak Suraksha – Jeevan Raksha”. Safe Kids Foundation a non-profit organization working towards the prevention of unintentional injuries to children at home and on the road.


The road safety program, “Safe Kids Walk This Way”, sponsored by FedEx organised a training session to teach road safety to 90 under priviledged children at the Mumbai Traffic Park as a precurser to the Road Safety Week in February.

On this occasion, Rupa Kothari, Managing Director & Trustee said, “We are observing this day to promote Road Safety among children and we will be doing various other activities to promote the Ministry’s “Sadak Suraksha – Jeevan Raksha” campaign in the cooming year. We are very delighted to have this training as we see large number of children walking to and from schools alone, they are the most vulnerable groups. It is our duty as parents, teachers to provide them the skills to be safe while walking and crossing on the road.”

The trainning session was conducted with children from the Yasham Foundation. The children of age 6 to 8 years participated. The training session taught children the importance of Road Safety such as crossing the road on zebra crossings along with parents, importance of pedestrian and traffic signal, walking on the footpath, bus danger zone awareness etc. The event will be conducted at the Children’s Traffic Park which will be the perfect setting tocreate this awareness. The children were introduced to reflector jackets which are an important wearable for identification while walking on the road. will help them to be identified by vehicles while crossing the road.

Sunita Mandelia, one of the Yasham founders said, “Today’s children are tomorrow’s generation. Educating them will keep them safe and bring glory to our nation.”

Priyanka Khurana Goyal, Mrs Earth 2015-16, the Chief Guest, was present with her son to promote road safety and launched Safe Kids Walk This Way, an interactive Road Safety Activity book at the event.

The children played various games on Road Safety such as ring and win, pedestrian safety walkway wheel of safety and various other fun and exciting games.