‘See from the Heart’: Over 900 blindfolded people run for a cause in 16 cities, 3 nations

Written by Newsroom Staff January 6, 2019 16:07

New Delhi: ‘See from the Heart’, a blindfold run was organised across 35 locations in 16 cities of three countries over the weekend, which saw participation of huge number of runners including six visually impaired runners.

Organised by United Sisters Foundation, this was the second edition of ‘See from the Heart’.


This blindfold run was organised to encourage and motivate #DynamicDozen including six visually impaired runners along with their six guides

Over 900 participants across Bengaluru, Mumbai, Amdavad, New Delhi, Siwan, Gurugram, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Nasik, Noida, Pune, Lucknow and Vizag took part in the ‘See from the Heart run’, where participants ran/walked 3 kms in pairs, out of which one of the partners was blindfolded for one loop and the other partner for the next loop.

Speaking about the event, Rashmi Khurana (one of the participants) said, “The blindfold run is a unique experience of solidarity and inclusion. It also helps people understand the challenges faced by differently-abled people and how they tackle them on daily basis with their fighting spirit.”

#DynamicDozen spread message of fitness and health

The run was conducted at 14 locations in India and one location in Nigeria. Maldives will be conducting this run on 10th Jan to support the #DynamicDozen.

This blindfold run was organised to encourage and motivate #DynamicDozen including six visually impaired runners along with their six guides.

The visually impaired and their guides are set to run about 150 km from 23rd January 2019 to 25th January 2019 to spread the message of health and fitness for all women.

The See from the Heart run has been conceptualised by Pinkathon Ambassador Sonia Kulkarni.

Last year, the 20-year-old V. Divya from Chennai became India’s first visually impaired girl to run The Spirit of Pinkathon Run from Pondicherry to Chennai, a distance of 150 kms.

Milind Soman on ‘See from the Heart run’

Commenting on the innovative See from the heart Run, Model and Founder of Pinkathon Milind Soman said, “Inspired by V. Divya, this year we have six visually impaired runners participating in the Spirit of Pinkathon run from Mysuru to Bengaluru, a distance of 150 kms alongwith their guides. Through See from the heart initiative, we wanted to spread awareness and also sensitise normal people about the challenges faced by differently abled people and how they overcome the same with their spirit and zeal for life. We have many visually impaired girls participating in Pinkathon across cities and some of them are podium finishers. This blind fold run has provided an opportunity for people to show their support and will motivate our visually impaired runners to accomplish the mean task.”

What is Pinkathon?

The Spirit of Pinkathon Run is an inter-city run, an initiative to celebrate the potential of the human spirit, to spread awareness that a fit woman will build a fit and healthy family and to nurture belief. The ideology revolves around the statement “If I can, anyone can”. The Spirit Run is an attempt for women to break boundaries and expand their limits, an ability to adapt and the creation of resilience to achieve what you think your body can’t, but your mind can.