Another Meghalaya BJP leader resigns, says beef-eating part of state’s culture

Written by June 6, 2017 08:50

Shillong, June 6: Protesting against the recent notification of the Centre on cattle slaughter, the North Garo Hills district BJP president Bachu Marak resigned from the party on Monday.

His resignation comes four days after West Garo Hills district president Bernard Marak made an exit from the party on the same issue. He has submitted his resignation to state party president Shibun Lyngdoh.

Bachu Marak said the party was dishonoring his culture and traditions and questioned why the party was insistent about a beef ban and not a ban on other animals. “Why beef, why not other animals. Why is this a issue every time,” he asked.

Stating that he cannot compromise on the sentiments of the Garos, Bachu said that beef eating is part of Garo culture and tradition and added that BJP should not impose non-secular ideology on the people of Garo Hills.