Indian Sky gazers get ready to watch 2 of 5 eclipses in 2019; Here is when and where

Written by Newsroom Staff January 5, 2019 10:07

New Delhi: Sky gazers and Astronomy enthusiasts get ready to watch five eclipses in 2019, two of which will be visible in India.

January 6:

The New Year will begin with partial solar eclipse on January 6, though it will not be visible in India, Dr Rajendraprakash Gupt, Superintendent of the Ujjain-based Jiwaji Observatory, told news agency PTI.

January 21:

A total lunar eclipse is likely to last almost 3 and a half hours, starting at 3:34 Universal Time and ending at 6:51 UT.

This is for the first time in three year that the United States will be able to experience a total lunar eclipse. According to NASA, it will be one of the sky’s “most dazzling shows.” The moon will be at its closest point to Earth, so it will appear slightly bigger and a lot brighter. This is also called as “supermoon.”

July 2-3:

A total solar eclipse will occur on this day but sadly India won’t get to see as it would be night. The sun will be totally eclipsed by the moon for 4 minutes and 33 seconds on 2 July, 2019.

This will be visible by naked eyes in central Chile and Argentina.

​July 16-17:

Skywatchers in Europe, Africa, and (before dawn on July 17th) southern Asia and Australia, the full moon will dive about two-thirds of the way into Earth’s umbral shadow, according to the Sky & Telescope report. From South America, people can see the end of this eclipse before the Moon rises.

Quoting Dr Rajendraprakash Gupt, Superintendent of the Ujjain-based Jiwaji Observatory, PTI says the partial lunar eclipse will be visible in India.

December 26:

“Ring of Fire” also known an annular eclipse will begin right at dawn and pass over the Arabian Peninsula and arc over areas of South Asia.

During this period,  the circumference of the sun shines brightly from behind the moon.