New voice phishing scam is targeting Apple iPhone users to extract data

Written by Newsroom Staff January 6, 2019 13:32

New Delhi: If email phishing scams were not enough, a new voice phishing scam has been discovered. The scam is particularly targeting iPhone users by making calls that seem like they are coming from Apple Support.

A user, Jody Westby, reported about a call from Apple Support asking for a call back from her. The contact information that came with the number appeared to be from Apple Inc.

New voice phishing calls targeting Apple iPhone users
New voice phishing calls targeting Apple iPhone users

However, when the user called back, the automated system answered followed by a man with an Indian accent inquiring the reason for the call.

Undoubtedly, it was another case of a phishing scam to extract personal or financial information from users.

It is advisable to never answer to such phishing calls as support teams never proactively call you if something goes wrong with your device.