3 years of NDA: Modi-fied foreign policy stands India in good stead

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has gone ahead with his diplomatic initiatives in an energetic way and tried to derive benefits from security and economic point of view. Everybody would agree that he visited the countries which were neglected by the previous governments.

narendra-modi-3He visited countries and connected with Indians living abroad hard-selling how a positive change has taken place in New Delhi which is conducive for investments and ease of doing business. He took open positions on issues which were hitherto kept under the wraps on pretext of being diplomatically sensitive. It was under Modi over the three years that the consolidation of challenging relationship with the United States was pursued.

As a result of aggressive diplomacy under Modi’s leadership, the global community has begun to recognise that Pakistan is not doing enough to tackle terrorism. This is not all but the global community also agrees that Pakistan is sponsoring terrorism. Countries from USA, Germany, England, France to Japan, all put pressure on Pakistan to act against terrorism and stop harbouring it which is directed against India from its soil.

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