Durex condoms – Orgasm crisis in India – with a generation living a sexless life

Written by June 3, 2019 16:45

Once upon a time in India, someone wrote Kamasutra.

Durex condoms – Orgasm crisis in India  (really?) – with a generation living a sexless life.

Very few Indians have read this book or barely even seen it. It must be boring but, everyone sure does has seen Durex campaign. #OrgasmInequality and it said women in India #FakeOrgasm and numbers are over 70%. It is definitely a crisis and Durex has a solution – Durex Mutual Climax Condoms. Simple and beautiful.

The Internet went crazy over it, why not, backed up some of the biggies of social media like Kenny Sebastian, Swara Bhaskar, and Pooja Bedi, Durex was able to create a gigantic buzz around it. Conclusion – Product launch was a success. Durex Mutual Climax Condoms will sell a lot. Obviously, we won’t get sales numbers as Sex is taboo in India. It was supposed to be sacred but right now it is just a secret. In all the chaos, you missed something really important, It was not too aware, or a debate on orgasm crisis but was a Product launch. Ayye sir, it was a Product launch wrapped with women empowerment and feminism. A toxic Doze of feminism.


Let us get deep to understand the gravity of the situation.

The advertisement world has a beautiful definition of its own, ‘it gives us the liberty of exaggeration’ but this exaggeration on what cost? It took years of aggressive awareness campaigning to get over fairness creams and racism which these product lines were feeding us. Oh!! Sorry, we are not over yet from that. We are still racist, although the color of our skin never decided our future. First, it attacked women and after a huge success, it was on men. Fortunately, Anti – fairness cream campaign made aware many about how the ad world works and has power/ability to manipulate minds. (Durex campaign is one of the finest and best ad campaigns of the decade, Indeed a masterpiece. Soon will be added in course books but did it conveyed the right message?) 

In India, sex is taboo expect a few elite class, even the millennials the so-called young generation fear to talk to their partners about sex. Talking about it in public can make everyone around you a judge without a degree, court or a black coat. In India, we are still not over the concept of 5 times a Namaz, doing sex 5 times is just a hoax dream. Leave 5 times a sex, In India, There a whole fucking generation of millennials (right now a working class) is living a sexless life, why? That is another Monday conversation. Not to forget can Bajrang Dal, Shiv Shena and RSS guys, who are continuously accused of promoting sexless life? (According to these political groups, humans beings are downloaded from the Internet in the form of Data)

Before the conversation goes totally off track, there are few concerns. We all know, Indians barely talk about sex, then how and on what basis Durex got data of survey? The last question, It might be true, India is facing a crisis in the name of orgasm, but was it really necessary to Blame it on men in a place where most of the men are not getting sex. True, there is an elite class, open to conversation, but what about India, who will now judge their woman on various aspects in the name of sex, numerous times, because of the distorted information and message passed down by your Advertisement. Indians are not enough smart to have such conversations in the home under a roof, and Durex has put in on a public platform. (Slow clap for that.)

Conversation Durex wanted was –
He- Did you cum?
She -No ..!
He – Let me try something different – Durex Mutual Climax Condoms

Conversation India Might have –
He – Why were you talking to him with a smile, am I not man enough for you ??
She – Slaps him ( oh!! Sorry- it never happened)

(Ignore, if you find this conversation way beyond fictional) 

In the end, to all who were part of this campaign, from top to bottom, you guys did a great Job, But, failed terribly to understand, the difference between need and want. India definitely needs such change but do we Indians really are ready for it.

Once upon a time in India, someone wrote Kamasutra, and today.. ?

Opinions are personal, and the writer (@nikhil_anad_ ) went directly to his girlfriend after spending an hour writing this to discuss her orgasm. Now is your time, be a good man and talk.