From the deep sea of Youtube recommendation, BLUSH is hitting Hard 

Written by August 26, 2019 16:53

Youtube recommendations, a world that every SEO guys desire to master and sometimes surprises the audience. This was the back story for the heading you see.

To be honest, there is not much for the story but, I will write it down to make it look fancy. Humans tend to understand fancy but simple thing much easier than easier stuff, at least for the stuff which deals with humans and human emotions. Moreover, if they don’t get to understand, they would definitely be engaged in it.  

To move further in this short story, you will need a Short back story-  the person who is writing this story who will also write a disclaimer in the end that the views are personal was getting done with his lunch while watching the youtube video from some other channel about some dating stuff. The video was totally intended to kill time and comedy which most of us lack in this desperate Journalism Job. You might question me on comedy but, time, oh!! You are reading one stupid article. Although Modi and Political situation in India is fun (I am laughing Inside). 

Coming to the serious part- this is about a video of BLUSH, in which there is a Cab Driver (Lady Driver) and another female (stereotyped feminist annoyed/irritated from family and generic social burden). The cabs move on with the story and in between her rant about her personal issue (in her poetic way), she realizes the driver is dumb and deaf. The story moves on and at the end of the video, the woman who is not a driver realizes, how to be happy. In short – Param Gyan-  Almost close to Buddha. Gautam Buddha- 

Indian Express

You see this is the story which BLUSH had to show in its video – But what made me write this story was the original story. Only if you remember, It is from the deep sea of Social media. The story is of a cab driver who is dumb and deaf but, is spreading happiness among folks. Both the stories are the same,  but One has a mass appeal and the other one has a specific targeted audience. Now before I turn this into a Classroom, It is requested (Personal), Fuff it… Just You know BLUSh.., Original story is better and you must take care of other human emotions if you are doing something about Human emotions. I mean, I ain’t going to Protest/Mob Lynch someone over it like it is as important as Cow or Beef Issue in India but things could have turned a bad direction. 

Hope this is as fancier as yours. Thanks for beefing with this boring piece.

Now, here is the declaimer – Opinions are Personal of the writer and for complaints – shoot him at @nikhil_anand_

keep loving your Dog on this #InternationalDogDay. Writer is high on Samosa and Chai.