Unholy attempt at misguide people

This enlightened CAB has not only brought succour to persecuted minorities, it has also exposed double standards of so-called opinion leaders of liberal secular groups.

Written by December 17, 2019 15:20

With enactment of Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019, the Central government has brought to closure a horrible nightmare which millions of Indians suffered for more than 7 decades for no fault of theirs.

For reasons unknown, successive governments looked the other way, when unfortunate, mostly poor, SC ST Hindu and Sikh brethren came to India, having escaped horrendous persecution at the hand of highly partisan Islamist govt of Pakistan. For most of the politicians they didn’t exist. They lived in utter penury, requesting asylum and citizenship, refusing to return to their land of birth. Most of Indians don’t even know that lakhs of such escaped Hindu Sikh And other sampradayas are living in and around Jodhpur, Jaipur in Rajasthan, Ahmedabad in Gujarat, Delhi etc. We know of similar persecution of Christians only because Asiya bibi condemned to death was saved due to timely strong support of the Church. When your minor girls as young as 8 are kidnapped, raped, converted and married off and sold off and there is no avenue for justice, what do you do? Criminals are let off quoting Shariah. This is clearly atrocity in the name of religion and perpetrated on victims due to their religion.

Hindus biggest minority in Pakistan

Khalistanis have tried to create a new narrative of close bonds between Sikhs and Muslims, forgetting how Sikh gurus sacrificed their lives to save Dharma. But, recent sad story of the daughter of a granthi being kidnapped and not returned till today in spite of world wide outcry tells that no non-Muslim in Pakistan is safe. Sikh population in and around Peshawar has dwindled. In neighbouring Afghanistan Sikhs have been reduced to a few thousands. Buddhists have nearly disappeared from Afghanistan, destruction of Bamiyan Buddhas being a manifestation of this fanaticism and terror. The steep fall in minority population testifies this.

Bangladesh Hindus and Buddhists have faced worse fate. Beginning with abandoning majority district Sylhet district in favour of East Pakistan due to short sighted politics of Congress party, to Chakma Buddhists thrown to dogs, was the beginning of the nightmare for Dharmic traditions. Sustained persecution, atrocities first peaked in 1971 before formation of Bangladesh when millions were killed and raped, then under Gen Ershad – Hindus suffered horribly and had no other option but from escape the hell. On the other hand Muslims who entered India illegally did so only for better economic prospects, under the political idea of lebensraum – or land to expand into.

Thus, it is clear that these unfortunate victims of partition arising out of two nation theory needed support to make their lives livable. They went through hell because our leaders fell for Muslim League’s violent persuasion. Much worse, they closed their eyes to blatant human rights violation.

It is not that governments of the time didn’t give support to some other calls of help, like Tamil refugees, Uganda victims of Idi Amin or 1971 victims of Bangladesh. But, it closed its eyes to orphans of partition. It as as if leadership thought the victims were responsible for their fate.

This government finally decided to extend a helping hand by enacting Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019. The arguments made against it by its critic show their shallow myopic politics. Their hearts bleeds for minorities within India though they have grown and thrived in India; but turns cold for minorities of neighbouring countries who are suffering because of their religions.

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People say, why not give same rights  to persecuted Muslims of Pakistan etc? State policy of these Islamic countries doesn’t oppress them for being Muslim. And, have any Shia or Ahmedia Muslims approached Bharat? They too were big supporters of Pakistan. They always deny differences between Azlaf and Ashraf or 72 sects within. It is ultimately a conflict within their ummah. Are they ready to admit that there is discrimination against certain sections of Muslims and they are persecuted due to their faith?  If this is not true, and there is indeed brotherhood of ummah then why should critics ask India to add Muslims to CAB? Is it just to keep flag of victim hood flying?

Many faux secularists are claiming that the constitutional sanctity of “equality before law” and “discrimination on basis of faith has been violated. Muslims have been discriminated against. This is blatant lie because constitutional provisions are for Indian citizens, not foreigners. Indian Muslims face no discrimination.

More serious point is that Articles 14 to 30 have been freely used for special preferences and bias for minorities even on simple issues of right to run their own institutions – places of worship, educational and other institutions. These articles were not meant to discriminate against majority. But majority has no right to run it’s own institutions of any kind, including temples.

Right to Education has become sole responsibility  of majority community with minorities being exempted under 93rd Amendment. Why shouldn’t poor disadvantaged sections of our society not get benefit of best run educational institutions of various minority community? No faux secularist ever found this strange inequality before law as a reverse bias against majority. Now, when law wishes to  provide citizenship to persecuted minorities of neighbouring countries same groups are shouting blue murder!

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This enlightened CAB  has not only brought succour to persecuted minorities, it has also exposed double standards of so-called opinion leaders of liberal secular groups. For them only indian minorities matter not minorities of the neighbouring countries.

We need to take care of concerns of Assam as entire India has the responsibility of taking care of our orphans of partition but we also need to educate people who are being led astray by vested political forces.