Will Priyanka have an outstanding impact on Cong’s prospects in UP?

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After a lot of hiccups, Congress has finally named Priyanka Gandhi Vadra as its star campaigner for Uttar Pradesh assembly elections which are going to be held in February-March. There are so many interpretations being done by the political analysts after the Congress list of star campaigners featuring Priyanka was made public.

priyanka gandhiSome say that Priyanka has come out of the shadow of her brother Rahul Gandhi. Some others go to the extent of saying that this will pave the way for Priyanka’s bigger role in politics.

But at the same time, questions are being raised whether Priyanka will be able to reverse the fortunes of the Congress party or whether she will be able to make an outstanding impact on the prospects of the Grand Old Party in these assembly elections. There is no denying that the Congress has bared its desperation to revive its fortunes by fielding Priyanka as its star campaigner in Uttar Pradesh.

Priyanka has been named as one of the 40-star campaigners who has been listed by the Congress for the first phase of polls in UP. Obviously, Dr. Manmohan Singh and former Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit are also there on the list. But most notable among them is Priyanka Gandhi.

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She is expected to campaign beyond Raebareli and Amethi, the two Lok Sabha constituencies represented by her mother Sonia Gandhi and brother Rahul Gandhi respectively. So the main focus is on what Priyanka’s presence can do for the party.

priyanka-gandhiOne of the contributions that Priyanka can undoubtedly make during her campaign is that she would be able to draw huge crowd gives the fact that she is a charismatic personality.  However, it has yet to be tested during the campaign. But this is being seen with the certain amount of doubt that Priyanka will prove to be convincing in her speech as well.

The reason is that Priyanka will find it difficult to have acceptability among the crowd of voters as she has never been a regular visitor and so she does not connect with the masses. She has kept herself to constituencies of her mother and brother during Lok Sabha elections, so she may not be able to make an impact which could be described as an outstanding one on the prospects of the Congress.

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The past record of Priyanka’s campaign does not give a reason to be hopeful of any wonders this time. She has been unable to revive fortunes of Congress in UP during Lok Sabha elections, even if she campaigner in Raebareli and Amethi. Analysts, however, believe in some of the seats Priyanka’s presence as a campaigner could improve Congress performance a little bit.

Rajiv Gandhi birth anniversary - Rahul, PriyankaBut how much difference will it make is something that has to be seen. Priyanka could be acceptable to women voters where Rahul Gandhi may not have that much impact. Rahul Gandhi along with Sonia Gandhi is also on the list of star campaigners.

What can be felt is that Priyanka has gained some confidence from the fact that her efforts could manage to put in place an alliance between Congress and Samajwadi Party. Before Priyanka directly stepped in, Congress-SP alliance had almost broken down. But Priyanka salvaged it. The Congress leaders believe that Priyanka will be more confident than before while campaigning in UP this time around.

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