Howzat: Play Cricket, Kabaddi, and Football Online

With Howzat, you’ll experience the thrill of cricket, football and Kabbadi action like never before.

Written by November 25, 2019 21:06

What are the top 3 popular sports in India? As an Indian, you must have played those games in your childhood or maybe you still play them or have a fantasy to play them! I’m talking about the top 3 games: cricket, football and kabaddi. All these games have their own fans as everyone has a different choice.

Howzat Play Cricket, Kabaddi, and Football Online

I love to play football and it’s been my favorite game since my childhood, but I don’t get the time to play it anymore. So last week, I downloaded the  Howzat Fantasy Sportsapp and I now play my favorite games with this app. Howzatis a platform where you can play football, kabaddi and cricket, and use your skills to lead your team to victory and win real cash. You can become a champion by using your sports knowledge to play India’s most popular fantasy sports and win big money. The appis compatible with Android phones and iPhones, iPads and iPod touch having iOS 10.0 or any later versions.

With Howzat, you’ll experience the thrill of cricket, football and Kabbadi action like never before. Once you get the app, you can sign up and start playing the sport that you like to play most. You can create your own fantasy football, kabaddi or cricket team by selecting players from players playing real matches on the ground. It can be T20, ODI, or Test matches or national/international football or kabaddi leagues. You need to choose top players and a Captain as well as a Vice-captain for your team to top the leaderboard. As your favorite teams face each other on the ground, use your skills to devise a perfect game plan and create your fantasy sports team to win huge cash prizes.

Once you’ve selected your fantasy sports team, you can join various online cricket, football and kabaddi contests in the sport to compete against other players’ teams and win big cash. Your players will score points for your team on the basis of their performance in real matches. The app is very easy to use and the game is highly entertaining. The graphics are appealing and features of the app are user-friendly. You will enjoy the live action and experience the best Fantasy Cricket, Kabaddi and Football with Howzat.


Overall, I would say that Howzat is the best platform where you can play head-to-head contests in exciting cricket, kabaddi and football tournaments/leagues and win real cash. You will earn extra bonus points to play cash games if you invite your friends to join Howzat.

So it’s time to select your team and experience all the three amazing games like never before. Become a true sports fanatic now!

The app is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Get it now!

It’s worth downloading!