Astrology 2019

People are always afraid of their security and feel a lack of faith in others. Suspicion and fear overrules love and faith. See your kidney chakras full of a brilliant turquoise light, see this energy flowing through your very beautiful heart chakra and your aura.

Things are not changing in the way you want them to. You will be truly immersed in the work and you may be so consolidating the future that you may miss doing the small things that you had planned for today.

There will be a huge influx of good energies and people who will support, and you must graciously accept; as you are willing to help your family achieve success.

There has always been a readiness among people worldwide to help and share with others. Never considering another being as a threat. Always seeing them as a providential opportunity to serve. Who do you serve?

A good time to recognise your own potential for wellness to inspire others to achieve excellence in all spheres of life circumstances ahead. Creating a barrier is your natural instinct.

Efficiency and meeting your goals will bring you to a new space of confidence. You will be working hard to improve your work conditions. There will be a strong pattern of newness......

While sowing seeds, the hands of the farmer feel happy and never evaluate, what will be the return, regarding the amount of seeds sown. The farmer knows that the return from the seed will be manifold. Do you ever reflect on the seeds of karma that you are sowing daily?

Communities the world over, are slowly combining their learnings and understandings with others who are willing. This enables them to share their experiences and happiness.

Astrology 2019: Message of the Day (March 8)

Humility and egolessness in service as a healer always results in renunciation in action and unfolding the "you" to the light. Do you selflessly share the light?