Those who have bills up to 210 unit will now look at using a little less so that their electricity bill comes within the 200 unit range for which they are required to pay nothing. This will in fact help in saving electricity. Further, the subsidy will approximately remain the same to Rs 1800 crore to Rs 2000 crore and no substantial rise is expected in it," said Kejriwal.

The brewery has apologised for the offence caused to Indians while informing that their intention had been to honour him. The bottles are no longer being produced," Saiawi said

Sam Pitroda added a caveat to his remarks on the Pulwama terror attack and Balakot air strikes by saying that the views expressed by him were his personal views and not those of the Congress party. "I am talking as an individual. I am talking as a scientist. I believe in reason. I believe in logic. I believe in data. I don't believe in emotions," he added.

The satellite designed and built by students who work with a private organisation called "Space Kidz India" in Chennai weighs less than a wooden chair at only 1.26 kg.

The UP Shia Board chief added that Muslim children should study with students of other religions in schools so that they are able to get better education.

New Delhi, Jan 16: The Tata Sons have got a new Chairman and a curtain is almost down on the controversy...