Appreciate that you are focusing on this moment , which is making you feel grateful. Gratitude, well being, confidence and compassion with unconditional love are also some of the gems studded in this net which has caught you.

There is a new plan in your mind that you have been moving towards, but a family member is trying to sabotage your efforts. Show more balance and brimming with intelligence, you will be able to overcome.

You are all red and gold. Know that this emerging light brings you to a beautiful place, where you hear the whispering souls, guiding you and your destiny.

Relationships with colleagues will undergo a change as you are truly looking out for their welfare. Continuity in your personal space with some romance will change the way you look at life.

See from the centre of each lotus a river of honey coloured light  flowing out. You are the first  human to bring this nurturing happiness energy to your world and spread it far and wide

Look into minute details about all the paperwork that you need to do to take things forward. Prioritise all the things that you need to do to succeed. All the added details to be competitive and conclusive will be given to you as a support by someone who thinks you deserve to have an extra edge.

Entering your chakras and nestling there as pure wisdom. This is the position in your spiritual consciousness that you have been aspiring for. Now is the time to start your new plans. Healing hugs of accomplishment. Love from the heart place. ”

As the energies are moving ahead, there is a lot of success in life and your patterns of interacting with people improve drastically. Just randomly thought things may prove to come through. You will be happy with the results.

Daily Aura Guidance for the Zodiac – By Renooji 1. Aries There is romance in the air and someone around...

Share your feelings and ideas with the people who support you. You will benefit from the sharing as a new pattern of intellect wisdom and strength is said to assist you in your journey ahead