Astrology 2019: Message of the Day (June 28)

Creating a new frontier in the work front only expands your work. This may lead to a lot
of new challenges and responsibilities. Spacing your meetings with the people in your
work schedule will be helpful

Written by June 28, 2019 12:56

Daily Aura Guidance for the Zodiac – By Renooji

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1. Aries

Expanding Universal Energies are bringing you to a new space of courage. Remember
to interact with family as your happiness quotient is low and only family can support you
to come out of this depressive stage. There will be some good news connected with
business or investments that chart a new chapter in your life.

2. Taurus

Conditional revenue generation means that you cannot spend as much as you thought
you could. An asset or a property or an investment is also on the horizon. Your
relationships bring entertainment and love to the forefront. But, be wary of someone’s
evil vision.

3. Gemini

It is going to end-up being a very hectic and hard-working day. Be resourceful, eat well
and stay hydrated. You will be spending money on a long-term investment that gives
pleasure. A relationship may go sour this evening, safe guard yourself by staying silent.

4. Cancer

A well-spoken and entertaining soul enters your life and takes your heart. Be careful if
you are married. Someone brings you a lucrative business offer, so move away from
hesitation and take things forward. Property or property-related matters could give you
stress in the latter part of the day.

5. Leo

Participate in a social event as there is something exciting waiting to unfold. Financial
matters, investments, or property related issues will keep you busy till the end of the
day. You need to focus on family to keep yourself centred. Relax, meditate and sleep

6. Virgo

Enthusiastic and charismatic, there will be people who will need your time and energy.
But for you it will end up being a waste of time. For some of you, long term problems are
heading towards a solution. Some of you may even splurge on redecoration.

7. Libra

Energetic and vitality driven, you may end up interfering in someone’s life, step back, be
silent and let life guide you to a safer place. Mathematically it does not make sense to
invest in an online business. Keep your mental balance and your money safe by
listening to the elders. Be friendly with your sibling and/or the people you live with.

8. Scorpio

You are being wooed by someone either romantically or then for a business investment,
be wary as both are dangerous for you. Keep your financial records safely. There could
be a holiday plan in the works, but remember that there is some part of it you cannot
afford in the now. So, it would be best to postpone any and all travel plans. Some of you
will be travelling for work, do not cancel or postpone this.

9. Sagittarius

Generous and kind will be people who have your best interest at heart. But something
could make you angry and ruin relationships today. Be patient with the people who work
for you, and eat well so that you have the stamina for the hard work ahead. Lending
money to a stranger or family is not a good idea.

10. Capricorn

Continuous progress towards the success of a new project or work base enlightens your
consciousness to work more cohesively with the others. An anger outburst has to be
avoided so that you can bring more congeniality to your personal and romantic
relationship. Just be patient with your life circumstances.

11. Aquarius

Creating a new frontier in the work front only expands your work. This may lead to a lot
of new challenges and responsibilities. Spacing your meetings with the people in your
work schedule will be helpful, as there are many things opening up at the same time.
Complete all your pending work as there is much to be done ahead.

12. Pisces

Generating a new destiny is an obsession with you, whilst your relationships with others
also follow this pattern – who are very needy. Create a new pattern of community to
bring in everything that you are doing to a place of balance and harmony. Just be patient
with yourself and you shall be rewarded with happiness in your internal space.