A ‘Period Emoji’ is coming soon and Twitter has mixed feelings!

The period emoji is finally here: it’s big, bloody and unabashedly red, and is an important step towards starting conversations on getting rid of the stigma around periods.

Written by Newsroom Staff February 9, 2019 12:20

New Delhi: The Emoji 12.0 update has been finalized, which means you will soon be able to add value to your conversations with friends and family with even more emojis. Among them there is a red drop, which represents menstruation, will make its way to your smartphones this year as an emoji, thanks to the UK humanitarian organisation Plan International. The group succeeded in their #PeriodEmoji social media campaign to get the special emoji, reports News.com.au.

The ‘period emoji’ was approved by Unicode Consortium on Thursday, along with 229 other new emojis – and Twitter is celebrating. The red drop of blood is being seen as a step towards normalising conversations around menstruation and breaking the stigma that surrounds periods.

Here’s how the twitter reacting to the Period Emoji

The design for the period emoji comes after a survey in 2017 where Plan International UK actively asked users to vote on what the emoji should look like. And the Internet answered – so we finally have our much awaited period emoji.