Probing the truth of viral message, ‘Rupee slides below Bangladeshi currency’

Written by August 29, 2019 18:37

What is Viral claim

There is no denying of the fact that Indian currency, under pressure, is witnessing a downslide and has also hit a fresh low this year. However, taking advantage of the situation, a section of netizens are fanned the message that Rupee has fallen below Bangladeshi currency.

On August 25, a Facebook user Dr Vijay Sharma posted that Rupee has become weaker than Bangladeshi Taka while a few other said Bangladeshi Taka has become 17 paise stronger than Rupee.

Impact of Viral Message

After landing on social media, the message found strong resonance with many users poking fun at the Indian currency, some taking dig at Central government while others claimed that India is headed towards perennial decline.

A film actress was also carried away by this sensation on Twitter and even retweeted it, however, she got it withdrawn after sometime. Former UP CM Akhilesh Yadav also took note and used the occasion to lash out at Central government.

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What is the Fact ?

A careful analysis of the facts make it amply clear that a team of propaganda makers  were behind the spread of this fake news. A look at two images bares the truth – that Bangladesh Taka values 85 paise against Rupee 1.

A simple Internet search revealed the difference between Indian and Bangladeshi currency. It shows that Rupee 1 is equal to Taka 1.16. This meant that Rupee is 16% stronger than Bangladeshi Taka.

In 2013, India’s currency had seen its worst downfall. Even in those tumultuous times, the rupee was still stronger than the Bangladeshi taka. In 2013, 1 rupee was equal to 1.14 taka.

True or False? 

There is no truth in these viral claims. They are just figments of imagination, posted on social media to spread fear of economic slowdown.