He is Bollywood's He-Man, and she is the Dream Girl, and they are the most iconic couple

Yes, we're talking about Dharmendra, Punjab's dashing prince, and Hema Malini, the shy South Indian diva

They have demonstrated that love can overcome any obstacle

Dharmendra was already married to Prakash Kaur when he fell head over heels for Hema Malini on the set of Tum Haseen Main Jawan in 1970

Dharmendra's first marriage didn't stop him from falling for Hema, as they say in love and war

In 1957, Dharmendra wedded Parkash Kaur

Regardless, the actor married Hema Malini after purportedly converting to Islam in order to retain both of his marriages

Dharmendra and Hema Malini's love story had been filled with ups and downs, but they had defied all obstacles