Holi is incomplete without the delightful sweet dumplings filled with khoya and dried fruit mixture that is Gujiya

Dahi Bhalla is a mixture of papdis, boiled potato cubes & cooked chickpeas, and yogurt 

How can we forget the energizing Holi beverage: Thandai?

Papri Chaat is perfect to make your mood joyful with its tangy taste 

Malpua is the delicious pancakes that are your ticket to savory and sweet bliss

Badam Phirni is one to look out for because it is rich in the goodness of almonds

The sweet and savory flavor of Puran Poli will undoubtedly tempt everyone

This Holi try Raj Kachori to swell your mouth with so many different flavors at once

Try Pakore (Fritters) with thandai and your guests at the Holi party are gonna love it 

A Holi party wouldn't be complete without Bhaang, right?