Use natural colors as they are safe and at the same time, they also keep you away from allergies and irritations

Do not use balloons during Holi celebrations as they can cause damage to external organs due to the intensity with which they hit the body

Celebrate this Holi with flowers as they smell good and are also eco-friendly

Do not use plastic and synthetic colors as the toxic substances present in them are harmful to the skin, and can also lead to health complications

Use cow dung cakes instead of wood logs on Holika Dahan in order to save more trees

Don't waste water on Holi as it is very important for life

You can also celebrate Holi by tie and dyeing unique Holi patterns on T-shirts

Do not use colors on your pets as colors are harmful to their health

Have a Holi party with traditional food like Gujiya, Malpua etc but no fast food

Eco friendly Holi can also be celebrated by applying turmeric to each other