All of the CGI for the movie was created by five individuals in their bedrooms during the pandemic and they did not attend visual effects school 

Instead of Michelle Yeoh, Jackie Chan was envisioned as the movie's main character in the original screenplay

They incorporated genuine red carpet video from Michelle Yeoh's career in the kung fu/movie star universe, where Evelyn is essentially Yeoh

With just one day remaining, the pandemic halted the filming

In the film, both of the directors Daniels made an appearance

In the Mood for Love was the inspiration for the soggy alleyway where Evelyn and Waymond converse in the movie star universe

Initially, Awkwafina was considered for the character of Joy

James Hong, who was 91 at the time of filming, had five stand-ins for the different action beats

The name 'Jobu Tupaki' in the Telugu language translates to 'Pocket Gun

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