18 ISIS terrorists surrender to Afghan forces, says Afghan Defence Ministry

Written by November 16, 2019 17:46

New Delhi: Eighteen Islamic State terrorists along with 24 women and 31 children surrendered to Afghan forces in Achin district, the defence ministry said in a statement on Saturday.


The ISIS members who surrendered on Friday are from neighbouring countries including Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Iran, Kurdistan and Iranian Baluchistan. The ministry said that the increase in the number of surrenders is due to ramped-up military operations by the forces.

In the last two weeks, over 615 ISIS terrorists and their family members have surrendered.

ISIS chief in Afghanistan

“There were Daesh members from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Iran, Kurdistan, and Iranian Baluchistan, and they were staying in our guest house, but not for a long time. After having a meal or resting for a night they would move on to other areas,” said Abdul Wahid, 35, a former Daesh member from Afghanistan’s Farah Province, who surrendered on Wednesday. (ANI)