Expel terrorists operating from your soil: US tells Pakistan

Written by February 7, 2018 08:44

Washington: The United States has asked Islamabad to expel terrorists, operating from terror safe havens in Pakistan.

During a Congressional hearing on Afghanistan, Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan told members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that Washington had a number of discussions with Islamabad for expelling terrorists from areas in which they have been allowed to operate.

He said the US has been in discussions with Pakistan but there has been not a sufficient amount of action from Islamabad against terrorists.

Sullivan said, the suspension of security assistance continues until the administration got more evidence that Pakistan is in fact taking action. He said the US opposes the use of terrorist proxies by any country against another country anywhere in the world.

Supporting the South Asia Policy of the Trump administration, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Bob Corker said the administration has rightly drawn a clear line with Pakistan, suspending security assistance as long as Islamabad continues to shelter Haqqani, and other terror groups that target innocent civilians, as well as the US and allied forces.

Last month, US had suspended nearly 2 billion US dollar in security assistance to Pakistan because of its inability to take actions against terror groups.