Hoodies advert starring Bar Refaeli taking off a niqab sparks controversy

Written by November 1, 2018 17:15

New Delhi: Israeli model Bar Refaeli has sparked widespread condemnation for her participation in an ad in which she removes a hijab to promote “freedom,” according to a Wednesday report from BuzzFeed News.

Freedom is basic? Apparel company’s niqab ad featuring Bar Refaeli receives flak for being ‘racist’

The apparel advertisement featuring a popular Israeli model has sparked outrage over its depiction of Muslims, with users accusing it of being “racist” and “promoting stereotypes.”

Before the 33-year-old pulls off the facial covering worn by some Muslim women, a quote which reportedly asks “Iran is here?” in Hebrew, appears on the screen.

In Iran it is compulsory for women to wear a headscarf, however, they are under no obligations to wear the full face-covering niqab.

Refaeli rips off the garment and tosses her blonde hair, revealing a red, white and blue sweatshirt and jeans, while in the background a song with the lyrics “It’s all about freedom / finally breaking the chains” plays. “Freedom is basic. Hoodies.” Refaeli says.

Here is the campaign for Israeli clothing brand Hoodies that is now facing controversy 

The campaign has proved controversial online with some calling it “disgusting” and “disrespectful”.

Others branded it “ignorant and racist”

Here’s how Twitter reacted to this campaign!

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