British officials have revived Cold War emergency plans to relocate the royal family should there be riots in London if Britain suffers a disruptive departure from the European Union next month, two Sunday newspapers reported.

Four major European nations -- Britain, France, Germany and Spain -- have said they will join the United States and several Latin American countries in recognizing Guaido as interim president if Maduro doesn't call presidential elections by midnight on Sunday.

China has agreed to make key concessions to expand American imports in agriculture, energy, manufacturing and services, the main demands of US President Donald Trump

Merkel will, however, continue to be active on Facebook-owned photo-sharing platform Instagram. People will also be able to follow her work on the official German government's Facebook page.

Sustained artillery barrages against the apartment building housing the media center killed Colvin and French photographer Remi Ochlik on February 22, 2012.

More than 1500 foreigners visiting Australia have had their foreign visas rejected in the past four years.

As part of its effort to give greater chance to foreign workers who have received higher education from the US, the Trump administration on Wednesday formally announced a new rule related to the filing of H-1B visas, asserting that it is more efficient, effective and helps in attracting best talent in the US.

President Donald Trump on Wednesday reiterated strong US support for Venezuela's opposition and said protesters demanding the ouster of President Nicolas Maduro were fighting for freedom.

The northern hemisphere has been experiencing extreme cold conditions and the predictions are for lower temperatures to continue. The bitterly cold conditions are the result of a spinning pool of cold air known as the polar vortex.