WATCH: Pakistani anchor gets hit by ball of fire on live TV

Written by Newsroom Staff December 7, 2018 15:02

New Delhi: In a bizarre incident, a ball of fire fell on a Pakistani news anchor while he was live on air and the footage of the incident has taken social media by storm. The anchor was moderating a live panel discussion when a ball of fire hit him out of nowhere, startling him.

In the video clip that has been circulating crazily on social media, one can hear a sound of a cracker-like burst followed by the unprecedented mishap on live TV.

Take a look at the video of Pakistani anchor first:

The cause of the fire hasn’t been ascertained as yet


In the video, the presenter asks the panellists, “Do you think it’s easy for extremists to cross the border in a group?” While he continues to speak, a loud popping sound is heard in the background. However, before anyone could make out where the sound came from, a ball of fire falls on the anchor. The anchor then quickly leaps out of his chair. The cause of the fire hasn’t been ascertained as yet.

This is not the first time when a Pakistani news channel has made headlines. Earlier, an unfortunate botch-up by the Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) landed Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan at the mercy of trolls on social media after the channel ran ‘Begging’ on its location label instead of ‘Beijing’ while Imran Khan was speaking live from the capital of China.

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