Ashish Kumar


In a high bullish scenario, Shiba Inu can even get the chance to restest the  $0.0000353 price level.

SHIB's price has maintained the momentum to keep the green indexes as Dogecoin killer Shiba Inu gained almost 350% since October 2021.

Chingari claims to be the first social network in India to have issued crypto tokens so far.

Bitcoin's minor pullback increases the chances to make a new all-time high in the short term and coins like Solana, Etherium, Fantom and MATIC can surge while BTC prepares for the next leap.

It uses Direct Acyclic Graph (DAG) smart contract platform which helps to improve the scalability of the network. FTM ensures that transaction speeds will rise to more than 300k per second.

Recently, the short-video sharing platform Chingari completed a funding round of over $19 million from more than 30 venture funds and individual investors. 

As per reports, A massive wallet identified as ETH whale spent almost $1.2 million and bought 49.9 billion SHIB coins.

A video is said to be from India's prestigious medical college AIIMS, and it has not gone down well by netizens as it has hurt the Hindu community.

SOL's price action and may give the signals of the bearish trend but technically it is a bullish continuation pattern which can be known as the pole pattern. 

The iconic Mauka Mauka ad which was first introduced before the 2015 ICC World Cup is back but with a twist.