Overall, the people in the study had lower oxygen consumption while exercising in the evening compared with the morning; this translated to better exercise efficiency.

Prolonged epileptic seizures are the most common neurological emergencies in children seen by hospitals. The seizures are potentially fatal: up to five per cent of affected children die, and a third suffer long-term complications from brain damage.

The real amusement of festivals lies in bonding with friends and family. Since it is Easter many will be occupied scouring their yards for coloured eggs, gnawing the ears off of chocolate rabbits and filling the Easter baskets.

Although those overall results echo a similar study from 1983, the new study found a much larger proportion of children and youth with a disorder had contact with other health providers and in other settings, most often through schools.

Just like in ant's colony, there is no place for ego in an organization. Everyone has to be at the same level if success is to be achieved.

During the task, the researchers found reduced connectivity between the amygdala and ventrolateral prefrontal cortex -- a pathway critical to the regulation of emotion -- in the brains of children who exhibit disruptive behaviour as compared to the brains of children who do not.

Good Friday is celebrated by the Christian community to commemorate the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ on Calvary. According to the Gregorian calendar, Good Friday falls on the 19th of April this year.

New research has found that skipping breakfast and having dinner late is the worst eating habit and can lead to worst outcomes after a heart attack.

The results of the study revealed that "empathy and hormones could together account for aggressive behaviour. In fact, the interactions were different for boys and for girls".