However, the moderate rain in the capital has brought around regions' air quality today to the 'good' condition. According to the System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting (SAFAR), the overall air quality index (AQI) of Delhi, which was at 31, falling in the good category.

He dedicated his life to the treatment and service of leprosy patients at Bhartiya Kushta Nivarak Sangh in Janjgir-Champa district.

The growth parameters -- birth weight, length, and head circumference -- in newborns were similar in the OMT and the comparison groups. Due to the benefits of OMT for individuals with drug addiction, the findings support the prescription of OMT drugs to pregnant women with opioid use disorders. 

 Tute hue sapnon ki kaun sune siski, Antar ki cheer vyatha palakon par thhithhki, Haar nahi maanoonga, Raar nahi thhanoonga, Kaal ke kapal pe likhta mitaata hoon, Geet naya gaata hoon

Modi has sported a variety of headgears, ranging from the authentic Gujarati turban to the traditional Naga headgear. Whether it is a political rally or launch of infrastructure projects,

Over the coming decades, millions of jobs will be threatened by robotics and artificial intelligence. Despite intensive academic debate on these developments, there has been a little study on how workers react to being replaced through technology. 

The goats cannot digest the nuts. Instead, they strip away the skin, devour the pulp, and swallow the nut whole. The nut then passes through the goats’ digestive systems, softening in the process, before being passed in the excrement. The nuts can then be gathered and ground to produce argan oil.

To overcome the mental stress, "squeeze your fist and tighten your muscles. Hold till the count of 5, take deep breaths and as you release the fist imagine yourself letting go of the negative emotions,"

Zomato's statement comes after its executives went on an indefinite strike protesting against delivering beef and pork, saying doing so hurt their religious sentiments.