Thicker fibrils measuring about 200 nanometres in diameter - a million million times smaller than a pinhead - are permanent and stay with us throughout our lives, unchanged from the age of 17.

The researcher also said that the findings further undermine the idea that addiction to alcohol is simply a psychological condition or consequence of lifestyle.

The researchers' analysis included information on 4,930 U.S. patients who were diagnosed with nonmetastatic oropharynx cancer from 2013 to 2014, including 3,560 whose cancers were HPV-positive and 1,370 whose cancers were HPV-negative. Patients were followed for a median of 11 months.

The joyous festival is celebrated every year on January 13 across Punjab and other parts of northern India. In Bollywood, it has been primarily used as the platform for the lead actors to bond, express love and celebrate the festival together.

In men that are overweight or obese, the health benefits of a low-fat diet exceed the small reduction in serum testosterone. Avoiding a low-fat diet might be a reasonable approach for men who are the ideal weight, to increase serum testosterone.

The study later concluded that the perceived tastiness of the food increases with the decrease of the healthiness as well as the likelihood of purchasing the biscuit increases with the lowering of perceived healthiness.

In the previous years, CAPED in association with different esteemed organizations have been doing various activities to reach out to more people and make them aware on this women-related cancer.

Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Alaska Airlines, Cathay Pacific and Virgin Australia are the remaining of the top ten.

Guler and his co-workers, in the study published in Current Biology on Thursday, described that the portion of our brain that excretes dopamine and the other part determining the human clock are synced.