#Doremon: Nearly 1,500 stories were published by creator Fujiko Fujio, and Doraemon remains the best-selling children's manga to date.

A Canadian reporter, while reporting on weather on LIVE TV, accidently slipped on the ice but managed to keep himself balanced while gliding over the snow.

"Our business which is majorly dependent on foreign tourists has been hit hard. In a way, we are unemployed now. The monument remained closed for about 6 months during 2020," Nitin Singh, a guide at Taj Mahal, said.

Army Day 2021: Sudarsan Pattnaik celebrated Army Day by paying a tribute to our Indian Army.

Makar Sankranti also known as Makar Snkranti is being celebrated in the Indian subcontinent. This festival is commemorated in the name of the deity Surya, the Sun God.

In the Hindu calendar, the festival is dedicated to the Sun deity Surya, while 'Magh Bihu' is celebrated with community feasts after the annual harvest takes place.

Happy Lohri 2021: The festival of Lohri is celebrated on 13th of January every year with great joy and happiness. People celebrate this day by lighting a bonfire at night and distributing gajak, ground nuts, jaggery and popcorn with their friends and family. 

But as soon as the news broke the whole Twitter community started trolling Taimur by comparing Virushka's baby's immense popularity with Taimur. 

Nagpur man dies after having sex: The incident took place at a lodge in Khaparkheda area of the city on January 7. The police have registered an offence of murder against her, following a complaint by relatives of the deceased.