"Congress had many opportunities. But they did not utilise it. It failed to bring Uniform Civil Code or protect Muslim women when the Supreme Court gave an opportunity through the Shah Bano case. They failed to utilise it," he said in Lok Sabha.

"Last year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi met China's President in Wuhan and it was a good round of talks. It is expected that Xi Jinping will visit India this year," Jaishankar said.

India on Tuesday proposed to host the 2023 International Olympic Committee (IOC) session in Mumbai, which is expected to choose the host city for the 2030 Winter Olympics.

Anup Maheshwari, Additional Commissioner of the Commerce Tax Department said: "A notice has been issued to the shop owner. After primary investigation, it was found that their annual turnover was more than 60 lakh."

The engine that caught fire detached from the train. Apart from the engine, the front guard cum luggage van and one general second class coach of the train also derailed on the impact.

The closure of these schools will help the government to tackle the teacher shortage problem in the state. "It is not possible for the government to provide teachers and infrastructure to the students given there is an acute shortage of teachers," he said.

"You've gone so high, you can't see the ground": PM Modi to Congress

Thanks to the voters for this strong mandate- PM Modi

The great men of the country saw a dream of a powerful, prosperous, inclusive India. The demand of time, the expectation of people is that we do this with determination and with greater speed. In today's global atmosphere, India should not lose this opportunity. We can remove all obstacles to meet the aspirations

Today is June 25. On the night of June 25, the soul of the country was crushed. In India, democracy does not come into existence from the pages of the Constitution; it has been our soul for decades.