The concentration of PM 2.5 particles is expected to be at 40 while PM 10 is expected to be around 82. It also predicted the chances of isolated rain in the capital for the next two days.

The results suggest that children, especially girls who attend school for longer, will have better memory abilities in old age.

Downey and Gibbs focused mostly on the teacher evaluations, because they followed children all the way to fifth grade, although the results from parents were comparable.

Searching for information, sending emails, and shopping were the three most common online activities, and over two-thirds of those in the study (69 per cent ) reported using the internet every day.

Researchers analysed the blood samples for levels of four proteins that promote inflammation throughout the body even when there is no need for an immune response.

The presence and severity of the sleep-wake disturbances, such as insomnia, restless leg syndrome and sleep duration, as well as daytime symptoms such as sleepiness, were recorded for each individual at 1, 3, 12, and 24 months after their stroke.

Coffee is already one of the most widely researched components of the diet, and its effect on digestion remains a growing area of research.

In addition to the benefits of sleep and light physical activity, the researchers found moderate to vigorous activity was associated with lower body fat and BMI. Given the negative health effects of prolonged sedentary time, Meyer says the findings may encourage people to make small changes that are sustainable.

"Very light rain/thunderstorm/dust storm accompanied with gusty winds forecast for Delhi NCR till 8.30 pm," said the IMD.