The researchers set out to investigate the effect of the tempo of a piece of music on female volunteers performing either an endurance exercise (walking on a treadmill) or a high-intensity exercise (using a leg press).

Though the palindrome dates aren’t uncommon, this one takes a special place as it reads the same in multiple date systems. While some countries use date-month-year format, there are other who follow month-date-year system. Today’s date – 02/02/2020 – reads the same in both the systems.

Face masks for canines are selling out quickly in China as an ever-increasing number of concerned pet owners are taking precautionary measures to safeguard their four-legged friends amid the coronavirus outbreak.

While Basant Panchmi is a Hindu festival, which is celebrated traditionally by offering special prayers to Goddess Saraswati, it is also known to hold eminence in some Muslim shrines of New Delhi.

It found that people displaying characteristics of an eating disorder are 3.7 times more likely to suffer from addiction to exercise than people displaying no indication of an eating disorder.

Sinha also said that the treatment of the children was conducted free of cost as the family, coming from the lower strata of the society, was unable to pay for the same.

The study sites were selected for their high rates of prenatal alcohol use and SIDS, and to include populations where the ethnic and socioeconomic disparities in SIDS remains understudied.

The MoCA further stated that airlines should be emphasised to hand over the General Declaration and passenger manifest to APHO staff before disembarkation.

Famed physicist Einstein was granted Swiss citizenship in the year 1901 and he was also a recipient of the 1921 Noble Prize for physics.