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It was a long freedom struggle with uncountable sacrifices - big and small - that enabled us to see the dawn of freedom from the colonisers' vice-like grip.

The incident happened while the photographer was walking at the edge of the swimming pool without even realising the risk of falling.

Groom faints suddendly after kissing his bride, the reason will shock you-WATCH VIDEO

The study confirms that most children recovered within four weeks while a few experience symptoms after a month.

After the trial's success, Ashwagandha will be a proven medicinal treatment to prevent infection and be recognized by the scientific community worldwide. 

An Indian Chef Saransh Goila shared a fusion recipe named 'Papad Aglio e Olio', where he gives an Indian touch to the classic Italian Pasta 'Aglio e Olio'.

Happy Friendship Dya 2021- Check out Wishes, Quotes and Messages to send to yout dear oes.

Social media is floored as Ricky Pond’s video garnered thousands of likes and comments.