Dr Vinay Nalwa

The writer is author of recently released book ‘Ramjanmabhoomi: Truth, Evidence, Faith’. She is a Senior Fellow at New Delhi based think tank Vichar Vinimay Kendra.

Initially, Bhaskara Sethupathi Thever had decided to go to America to attend the Parliament of Religions. But after meeting Swami Vivekananda, the Raja decided that Swamiji was the proper person to attend the Conference.

On 23rd Aug 2008 at 7:30 PM at Kanya Ashram Jalespatta in Kandhamal District of Odisha, Swamiji was interacting with inmates of Ashram after his prayer. Fifteen young masked men, armed with AK47 rifles and other weapons entered the Ashram and brutally killed him.

Delhi being the capital continues to see dozens of protests and demonstrations every day. These protests when turned violent are handled by the capital’s police while balancing the rights of protesters and other citizens .

Bharat is a civilization of more than 6000 years that has lived and flourished and it geographically included Afghanistan, Pakistan , Nepal ,Bangladesh and Myanmar since ages.

The story of Ganga Risala also busts the myth that only the British Generals had foresight and a long term vision when it came to fighting wars and organizing armies