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Baby Names

Hindu Baby Boy names starting with D

A name can be decided on the basis of the personality, or how the baby makes you feel or with the help of Zodiac signs.



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New Delhi: Are you expecting a baby or recently blessed with one? You must be thinking of a name for your baby. Giving a name seems like giving an identity to the child and is surely a responsibility on the shoulders of the elderly. Naming a child is a special moment and it can be made worth it with a unique name for the child.

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A name can be decided on the basis of the personality, or how the baby makes you feel or with the help of Zodiac signs. It is said, “Words have meaning and names have power.” A name can have different qualities like it can be easy to pronounce, sweet to hear, having an impactful meaning and fitting to the personality. Finding the perfect name is definitely a task, but it is definitely worth it. A name marks a new beginning along with blessings for the elderly.

‘D’ is a letter that has impactful and unique names. Here is a list of 50 Hindu boy names starting from the letter ‘D’ with given meanings:


  1. Daamodar: Another name for Lord Krishna
  2. Daanesh: Wisdom
  3. Daarun: Hard or strong
  4. Dabeet: Warrior
  5. Daaruk: Charioteer of Lord Krishna, also a name of a tree
  6. Dadhikra: A divine horse
  7. Daivya: Divine
  8. Daivik: God’s grace or related to Gods
  9. Daksh: Competent
  10. Dakshesh: Another name for Lord Shiva
  11. Dakshi: Glorious
  12. Dakshinayan: Someone who stays in the South direction
  13. Dakshinamoorthy: Incarnation of Lord Shiva
  14. Dakshinesh: Name for Lord Shiva
  15. Dalajit: Someone who wins over a group
  16. Dalpati: Leader of a group
  17. Daman: One who controls
  18. Dandak: A forest
  19. Damodaran: Used in the sense of Supreme God
  20. Dandapaani: A characteristic associated with Yamraj
  21. Danish: Mercyful and foreseeing
  22. Danta: Calm or a name of Lord Hanuman
  23. Danuj: Born of Danu
  24. Daanvir: Charitable
  25. Darman: Remedy
  26. Dharmendra: King of dharma
  27. Darpad: Another name for Lord Shiva
  28. Darpan: Mirror
  29. Darpahan: Destroyer of selfishness
  30. Darpak: God of love
  31. Darshan: Sight of something sacred
  32. Darshniya: Someone/something that grabs attention
  33. Darsh: Name for Lord Krishna
  34. Darshangeet: Songs of godliness
  35. Darsheel: Someone who looks lovely
  36. Darshish: Powerful
  37. Darshit: One who sees the holy form of a deity or God
  38. Daru: Cedar tree
  39. Dasbahu: One with ten arms
  40. Daruna: Strong as wood
  41. Dasarna: land of ten lakes
  42. Dashrath: King of Ayodhya and father of Lord Ram
  43. Dashrathi: Name for Lord Ram
  44. Dashasava: Merciful
  45. Dasu: Smart and creative
  46. Dattatreya: Son of Atri
  47. Dattey: Name for Lord Indra
  48. Dayanand: Compasionate
  49. Davarika: Someone with striking personality
  50. Dayaal: Kind hearted