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Hindu Baby Boy names starting with P

P’ is a diverse letter with popular and unique names starting with it. Here are 50 Hindu boy names starting from the letter ‘P’ with given meanings.




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New Delhi: Are you expecting a child or recently blessed with a baby boy? If yes, you might be searching for a name for your little one. Giving the child a cute and unique name is a priority for parents. Naming your child is a memorable moment and can be made much more noteworthy with a unique name for the child.

baby boy

Like words are said to possess power, the names are the words with passion, connotation and blessings attached to them. A name eventually becomes a part of or even one’s identity. A name can have a few qualities like fitting to the personality, being easy to pronounce, having a lovely meaning and being good to hear. Finding the perfect name for your child might seem a big task, but it is exciting.

‘P’ is a diverse letter with popular and unique names starting with it. Here are 50 Hindu boy names starting from the letter ‘P’ with given meanings:

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  1. Paninee: A Sanskrit scholar and grammarian
  2. Paras: A precious stone
  3. Paandu: The father of Pandavas
  4. Parth: King, another name for Mahabharat character Arjun
  5. Paavak: Pure
  6. Parthiv: Earthly
  7. Paavan: Sacred or pure
  8. Padamjit: As beautiful as lotus
  9. Padmabandhu: A friend of lotus, used for Sun
  10. Padmaj: A name for Lord Brahma
  11. Padmadhar: One who holds a lotus
  12. Padmakar: A name for Lord Vishnu
  13. Padmalochan: One who has lotus-like eyes
  14. Padminish: God of lotuses
  15. Pakhi: A bird
  16. Pahal: Initiative
  17. Palani: A town name after Lord Karthikeya, also means abode of Lord Murugan
  18. Paksha: Symbolising phases of the Moon
  19. Palash: A tree
  20. Palashranjan: Beautiful like a tree
  21. Pallav: Young shoots and buds
  22. Panchal: Lord Shiv
  23. Panchavaktra: Five-faced, a name for Lord Hanuman
  24. Pandita: Scholar
  25. Pankaj: Lotus
  26. Panna: Emerald
  27. Parag: Sandalwood
  28. Param: Perfect
  29. Paranjay: God or king of the sea
  30. Parashar: Name of a saint
  31. Parshuram: Sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu
  32. Parighosh: A loud sound
  33. Parimal: A perfume
  34. Parineet: Married man
  35. Parishudh: Pure person
  36. Paritosh: Someone who is satisfied with life
  37. Parshv: A soldier who thinks and reflects like a wise saint
  38. Parthsarthi: Charioteer of Parth, which means Lord Krishna
  39. Parvatinandan: Son of Parvati, used to refer to Lord Ganesh
  40. Pashupati: Lord of animals, also a name for Lord Shiva
  41. Pavak: Fire
  42. Pavanaj: Son of wind, who was Lord Hanuman
  43. Piyush: Nectar
  44. Phanindra: A divine snake, also used to refer Shesh naag
  45. Pitambar: Someone who wears yellow clothes, another name for Lord Vishnu
  46. Poojit: Someone who is worshipped
  47. Prabal: Mighty
  48. Prabhas: Lustrous
  49. Pradyun: Radiant
  50. Pranav: Fresh or young