budget 2019

The amendment provides for a reduction in the tenure of chairpersons of national and state human rights bodies to three years from the current five years.

The Bill was prepared after consulting 18 transport ministers from various states. It was also screened by the Parliamentary standing committee and the joint select committee. It was passed by the Lok Sabha but could not be passed in Rajya Sabha

Analysing the Union Budget, which was presented by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on July 5, Chidambaram said, "We have more of the status quo. Growth will be status quo, FDI will be status quo, domestic savings will be status quo, policies will be status quo, programs will be status quo. We can end on the note thank God we will not regress, we will remain where we are."

Owaisi also pointed out that the NDA government had promised a loan of Rs 50 lakh without any collateral. There was no mention of this in the budget too. He also said the BJP government promised students from different countries would come to India to pursue studies, but the fact is that all of them are scared, as the mob lynching incidents have become a phenomenon in the country.

Jaitley said massive infrastructure creation also has the ability to generate employment and attract investment. So does a boost to the construction and real estate sector.

Addressing a press conference after presenting the union budget 2019-20, she said the government's record in the past five years on controlling inflation has been exemplary and inflation has been at the lowest.

Unless we give substantial incentive for renewable energy, particularly when it comes to the question of mobility...emissions from vehicles that use fossil fuel is main reason for suspended particles in air...So we wanted to make sure that if we have made a good commitment for improving air quality conditions we have to support electric vehicles

The GDP has not been mentioned at all, we don't have any real idea if they will match the figures given in the economic survey, last year's figures were not matched this year. I am not optimistic the figures will be matched. There is a gap between rhetoric and reality with this government

Transport and MSME Minister Nitin Gadkari said the promotion of electric vehicles and allied infrastructure is set to transform the economy and logistics sector. He termed it as one of the biggest steps to curb pollution and move towards sustainable development.

It is the maiden budget for Sitharaman. She is the second woman finance minister after Indira Gandhi to do so in the history of independent India. Indira Gandhi held the Finance portfolio while being the Prime Minister.