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With 29 people inside, a Mini Cooper sets a Guinness World Record: Watch video

That is the question posed in the video’s description, which is 3 minutes long.




New Delhi: A Mini Cooper isn’t the largest car there is, as any auto expert would know for sure. Therefore, it would be reasonable to assume that just five people could travel comfortably inside.

However, have you ever considered cramming 20 people into a place this small? Well, 29 individuals fitting inside a Mini Cooper has just set a new Guinness World Record. People lined up to fit into the car, as shown in the video shared on the Guinness World Records official account. People are actually turning and twisting to fit into standard-sized cars.

Check out the video here:

People can be seen entering the car one at a time in this video, clearing a spot for the following person to enter. How many volunteers can fit in this regular-sized Mini Cooper? That is the question posed in the video’s description, which is 3 minutes long.

Many people on the internet found this to be pretty amusing, especially how 29 people can squeeze into this compact car. It’s all fun and games until someone gets accidentally kicked in the head, a user on social media once said. “Tata Nano, you’re next,” yelled another user.

Despite the fact that the video was published on the Guinness page on September 6, the record was really set in 2014. The Mini Cooper team at the time employed a number of methods to produce the record. They tried to cram as many people inside the car as possible by adjusting the seats, reducing legroom, stacking people on top of one another, and even trying to fit them in the backseat.