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Ashneer Grover hits out at BharatPe over first quarter results, says ‘Ab nani yaad aayegi’

His sister Aashima Grover also retort back to the fintech firm and called BharatPe’s top management a “shameless bunch”

Ayushi Sikarwar




New Delhi: The conflict between Ashneer Grover and BharatPe does not seem to shrink down anytime soon. Sharp allegations and sour words are being exchanged routinely, and in a recent argument via LinkedIn, the issue of employees’ unpaid salaries was brought up.

On Wednesday, an employee of BharatPe working at the designation of an IT associate at the Indian fintech company shared on LinkedIn that he and several others on the staff have not received their salaries for the month of March.

“We were with BharatPe ever since the company started and now we are nowhere because of your internal politics,” Karan Saraki wrote, tagging BharatPe CEO Suhail Sameer and co-founders Grover and Shasvat Nakrani.

Saraki avers that BharatPe has also not recompensed them for the money that the employees have spent on their own for the company’s small expenses.

“We are poor people and have our houses to run, small kids to take care of. All the staff of BharatPe is enjoying office paid trip to Goa and we employees are fighting for salaries and jobs. What kind of leaders are you”, he wrote.

He further claimed that the company’s oldest staff were sacked without a valid reason and their salaries were not paid.

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One of BharatPe’s former admin employees Dhananjay Kumar also wrote, “My mother is suffering from Lung Disease and is hospitalized. Please give our dues and ESOPs (employee stock ownership plan) back”.

Reacting to these social media posts, the company’s co-founder and former MD Ashneer Grover took interest in the matter and asked Sameer to look into the issue. He wrote, “Not done, their salaries have to be paid first before anything”.

His sister Aashima Grover also retort back to the fintech firm and called BharatPe’s top management a “shameless bunch”.

Sameer took part in the conversation and took a dig at Ashneer saying, “Tere bhai ne saara paisa chura liya (your brother stole all the money). Very little left to pay salaries.”

Sameer was criticized by many on the social media platform for his remark on the sensitive matter with one user Binod Acharya saying, “I can’t believe a ‘CEO’ of your stature answering with such brazenness. I feel like you’re trying to score some personal points here trying to be sarcastic or ironic”.

For the unversed, Ashneer was removed from all the positions in the company, and his wife Madhuri Jain Grover was sacked as the company’s head of controls this year.

BharatPe has accused Ashneer and Madhuri Grover of financial irregularities.