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Correct mindset can make your business from ZERO to HERO, says business strategist Hirav Shah

How to train your mind and to motivate yourself for big ACTIONS

Correct Mindset can make your business from ZERO to HERO says Business Strategist Hirav Shah

How to train your mind and to motivate yourself for big ACTIONS

People are afraid to take action and create a better future for themselves because they are too worried about what others will think of them.

Instead of learning how to really make a difference in their lives, they work hard as everybody does

If hard work alone had helped to create success and wealth, everyone hardworking the 9 to 5 would have been a millionaire by now.. There is a specific reason why out of 330 million people in the US there are only around 800 billionaires.  The key to success is not working hard. The key to success is to be able to work strategically SMART, says Business Astrologer and Astro Strategist Hirav Shah.

Let me ask you simple questions

“Could a person make twice as much money in the same amount of time?”

“Could a person make five times as much money in the same amount of time?

Could you make 10 times as much money?

Could you make 100 times more money in the same amount of time? Is that possible?”

And the answer is yes if you become more valuable.

Someone working in a restaurant making $12 an hour is roughly $20000 yearly, someone is making $60k in a Pharma company and someone hedge fund guy or investment banker making $3 billion. What’s the difference? The difference is adding more value in less time.

Philosophy determines the quality of what you do. Skills will determine how you execute. And Astro Strategy ( combination of MINDSET, STRATEGIES, EXECUTION AND LUCK) can give you certainty with quality and skills in business and that’s why now SMART entrepreneurs started using ASTRO STRATEGY™ to maximise PROFIT for their business, explains Hirav Shah.


Now let’s understand what Mindset is and why it is important for business growth.


What is Mindset?

Learning how to change your mindset is essential for success. Positive thinking is associated with greater happiness, decreased anxiety and improved physical health. – all of which can help you on the journey to achieve your goals.

Mindset is very important for making and implementing any strategies or ideas.

So how to train your mind and to motivate yourself for big ACTIONS? Hirav Shah explains…..

Let me give you my example…

Every 6 months I set a new and very challenging goal for myself. My latest goal was – my waist was 38″ and my weight was 105 kgs. My height is 6’1″ so I set a goal to achieve 34/35 waist and 86 kgs of weight ….and surprisingly I achieved it in just 5 months so it motivates me a lot to work harder every day.

It was a very uncomfortable and painful activity as I was not used to exercising or eating properly. But I started with small baby steps to start with 10 minutes a day of exercise with 16 hours of intermittent fasting and now if I see myself in better shape ….I get huge huge confidence.

You tell me, who doesn’t like to remain in shape? everyone …correct…so the point is to find some small progress in everyday life to make your future comfortable whether it’s for mind or body or marketing or sales or wherever you feel it’s easy to make you uncomfortable.

For many years, I have spent 60 minutes a day learning new things..I like to remain a student…

Everyone should live with the “culture of Progress”.

You should not compare yourself with others. Try to compare you vs you.

Try to make you’re present better than yesterday…and for me, that’s a culture of progress..

No one can do magic in one day. we need to be very consistent to make a culture of progress.

Business Strategist Hirav Shah’s slogan is: “Take Uncomfortable Actions to make your future Comfortable”

Hirav Shah

The writer is a well-known Astro Strategist and Business Astrologer.